“Mes Que Un Club”

The citizens of Barcelona are typically laid back people who like to have a good time. Nothing gets them more ready to party than a good soccer game! Soccer in Europe is known as football and every American knows that Europeans are crazy for liking a sport that most Americans categorize as “boring”. The major soccer team that represents the city of Barcelona is the world renown F.C. Barcelona.

F.C. Barcelona, which goes by the popular name of Barca, was founded in 1899 by devout fans of football. The clubs slogan is “Mes que un Club” which means “more than a club”. Barca is the world’s second richest football club in the world, with an annual revenue estimated at €398 million. Barca is known for dominating both the Spanish League and many other prominent teams from other European countries. The club’s colors are blue and red as seen on the club’s logo. Barca’s rival is Real Madrid, and everyone in Barcelona knows that if you are a Real Madrid fan please don’t step inside the city limits.

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Not All Milk is Created Equally

I have been visiting Barcelona in the summer for a while now since basically all my family lives there so I’m pretty used to all the customs and nuances that most Catalonians consider normal. For most Americans, the food might be the hardest thing to get used to if you have a particular set of tastes. On the other hand if you enjoy meat, and seafood book your ticket for the next flight to Spain because you will be in paradise! However there is one particular necessity that I can’t live without and I just can’t help but notice the difference when I go to Barcelona and have it myself. Since I can remember the milk in Spain has had a very distinct taste than the milk we have in America. Although I have grown used to the taste and don’t really mind it anymore I can’t help but notice the extra sourness of the milk that can be acquired in Barcelona. Don’t think that it’s just the milk in Barcelona that has a little sour edge to it, I’ve been to other parts of Spain and it all tastes somewhat the same! Makes you wonder what they’re feeding those cows over there in Europe……….

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Hello world!

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